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      Country : U.S.A
      Authorized qualification : General agent in China

      Brand introduction

      Leneta Company charts have long been recognized as the industry standard throughout the world. They have earned their leadership position by producing charts that their customers depend on for imperviousness to solvent and waterborne coatings, wettability, adhesion and surface smoothness. Made from naturally bright, non-fluorescent white paper, Leneta charts contain no optical brighteners that can affect instrumental color measurements. They rigorously control and test their products to ensure maximum uniformity.

      Leneta Company was founded in 1956 by Len Schaeffer, a chemist who created a multi-function test chart to fill a need he perceived in his own work. Today, the needs of the paint chemist remain our primary focus. Their product line has expanded to include metal, plastic, glass and wood substrates, as well as test equipment. They continue to offer the broadest line of test charts in the industry.

      LENETA Instrument exhibition

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