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      Who we are


      1.What are we doing?

      NBCLab is an online store focusing on coating and ink detection equipment. We devote ourselves to making the trading information of the market of equipment and dials more transparent. Our aim is to guarantee authenticity, accurate prices and to become the most reliable online market in this business. Nanbeichao is a well-known online vertical mall in this business.

      NBCLab mall belongs to Foshan Nanbeichao e-commerce Ltd. With a registered capital of 1 million RMB and it has experienced staff from both the coating/ink and the e-commerce business. The mall was launched in April 1st 2012 and become independent in 2015. After 3 years of development, Nanbeichao gradually win over the trust of customers with its commitment of authenticity, accurate prices, transparent storage data, the idea of channel authentication, and appropriate purchase procedure.  

      2.How are we doing?

      Customers’ habits

      oNBCLab provides customers with a familiar purchase procedure as customers could get the price offers and contract all by themselves. We accept Alipay, Tenpay and credit card. Customers could also get a financial payment notification if they want.

      Customers’ choices

      oNBCLab offers at least 3 brands with different price levels for all the ink and coating testing equipment based on our experience after being in this business for more than a hundred years. All of our products are guaranteed to have their accurate prices and the certificates by the manufacturers showing our right to sell them.

      Customers’ concerns

      oNBCLab has experienced application engineers in the customer service section to provide customers with guidance and help on how to choose the appropriate equipment, how to test ink and coating, and also the differences and characteristics with different equipment.

      Customers’ trust

      oNBCLab mall is now qualified by more than 10 companies such as Tencent, Baidu, Qihoo360, Sougou, Anquanlianmeng, Kexinlianmeng, Pinganrenzheng. Nanbeichao is also qualified by Tenpay and Alipay.

      Customer service

      oNBCLab provide the customers with a thorough e-commerce customer service system.  Nanbeichao accept return or exchange goods within 7X15 days.* We strictly fulfill the warranty service guaranteed by the manufactures.  

      (*Detail regulations varies depending on the specific products, please go to check our return and exchange policies.) 

      3.What team are we?

      This is a young team with an average age below 30 years old. You could only experience passion and focus here. We have the same value that is fairness. We are trying our best to make the market more transparent and to achieve fairness between the customers and the sellers. 

      We also have another special member in our team, which is the online mall system connected to you. It can handle your problems with just and reason.

      Please believe that it could help you out with even the most complicated purchase procedure.

      4.What dream do we hold?

      Aiming to make the business more transparent

      With authenticity and accurate prices, we want to become the most reliable online market in the business

      Our wish is to become the largest and most professional online market in the ink and coating testing industry.

      We, NBCLab, is always on the way….


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