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      Oven Filtration

      Published time: 2017-04-10 09:02:03 Reading times:11

      The negative air pressure in the oven may attract particulate from the facility that can cause dirt defects on parts. Vacuuming the oven interior regularly will help to prevent contamination from building up in the oven and becoming a problem.

      Another way to help avoid an oven dirt problem is by providing return air filtration. A filter framework is built into the return air opening of the burner box and hightemperature filters are installed in the frames. While the efficiency of the filters varies for each application, a typical combination would feature a row of 30%-efficient filters serving as the prefilter layer for a secondary layer of 90%-efficient filters. This prevents the blower from circulating dirt onto the parts and constantly sweeps the oven (Figure 9.4). High-efficiency filters may not require a prefiltered air stream.

      If return air duct is used, the filtration should not be located in duct that is in close proximity to the parts. Return air filtration should only be located in the return opening.

      FIGURE 9.4 Return air filtration

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