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      Heat Recovery

      Published time: 2017-04-13 08:33:11 Reading times:10

      A well-designed cure oven will not exhaust enough Btu’s to make it cost effective to install a heat exchanger for heat recovery. The volume of exhaust is based on the amount of gases that must be removed from the oven interior to maintain a safe environment. Since the exhaust is gas laden, it is not possible to use the heated air without a heat exchanger.Agood heat exchanger is expensive and the efficiency will be around 75%.

      The stack gas temperature must be maintained above the dew point to avoid condensation in the stack. This limits the amount of energy that can be recovered from the stack gas. With the cost of the heat exchanger, duct and fan for recovery, limits on how much energy can be recovered, and limited efficiency, it does not make sense to recover heat from an oven.

      If volatile organic compound (VOC) abatement equipment is necessary, heat recovery through the use of a secondary heat exchanger may be worthwhile because of the high temperature used in a thermal oxidizer. The recovered heat can be used for a boiler, hot oil heater, or heated stages of a pretreatment washer.

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