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      BENETECH GM200 Coating Thickness Gauge

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      Product introduction

      GM200 mini Coating thickness gaugeIs a portable coatingThickness gauge, can fast, nondestructive and accurate on the metal substrate of nonmetal (such as paint and film, etc.) coating thickness measurement.Mini coating thickness gauge is widely used in manufacturing, metal processing industry, chemical industry, commodities inspection, and other areas of the test.









      Product features

      1. GM200 measurable metal substrate surface coating thickness

      2. With a single, continuous, difference of three methods for measuring

      3. With zero, two points, three basic calibration function

      4. English unit selection

      5. Automatic shutdown function


      1. The "ZERO" button: switch machine, ZERO calibration

      2. The "MODE" button: measurement model transformation and the calibration data increase the key

      3. The "UNIT" button: measure UNIT conversion and the calibration data to reduce the key

      Coating thickness measurement

      1) press switch machine boot up in the air, LCD full screen, and then at the sound of a BI, coating thickness gauge to measure state, each boot default to a single measurement state;

      2) will probe light pressure to the coated metal substrate, the thickness gauge a BI BI - two, measured coating thickness value is displayed on the LCD n;

      3) press MODE key, can choose the way to measure, a single measurement, continuous measurement, the difference between three kinds of three kinds of measurement methods to choose;

      4) a single measurement is a measurement test data at a time.Continuous measurement refers to as long as the probe is not left basal surface, thickness gauge has been measured.Difference measurement refers to the measuring the difference between the measurement and the last time.

      5) press UNIT, can choose the measuring UNIT, the optional mm. Mil;

      6) if the metal substrate boot again, full screen, LCD will display the ERR, then shut down, boot mode is not correct;

      calibration operation

      There are three kinds of GM200 mini coating thickness gauge calibration approach:

      1, the basic calibration: first use, or unused for a long time, or replace the basal material being tested should be base calibration, basic calibration with a total of seven points, when the calibration unit for mm.

      A. ready for calibration piece, 1 piece of iron, 1 piece of aluminum.

      B. hold the MODE key, press the power button again, after the LCD full screen, and then at the sound of a BI, LCD display, 0.00 LCD corner shows c. characters, said into the calibration images.

      C. the probe light pressure on no coating on the surface of the iron base, as shown on the LCD 0.00, then the BI - BI two, 0.00 calibration.

      D. remove the probe, the LCD displays number of 0.05 mm or so, a second number of calibration, calibration data increase or decrease keys, adjust the slice thickness value is displayed on the LCD and calibration, as place the probe light pressure on the calibration on the piece of iron base, BI BI - two, the second calibration point has been calibrated.

      E.L third data displayed on the CD, according to the previous method, in turn, calibration, until finally a calibration after calibration the LCD display OVER, BI BI - two after shutdown, basic calibration is complete.

      F. after the basic calibration, can be measured and calibrated as base material are the thickness of the coating.

      2, ZERO calibration: boot up in the air, then probe light pressure in the basal surface, short press the ZERO key, the LCD display 0.00, complete ZERO point calibration.

      3, 2 point calibration:

      A. to zero point calibration.

      B. take a calibration sheet (1.00 mm) measured value of 1.05 mm, not loosen the probe, press the calibration data to increase or decrease button, switch to the LCD display is 1.00 mm, loosen the probe, to complete the two point calibration.

      LCD display and the keyboard

      1, LCD full screen (figure 1)GM200涂层测厚仪LCD显示.png

      (1) nFe: unused LCD display

      (2) the SNG: a single measurement

      (3) the CTN: continuous measurement

      (4) the DIF: difference measurement

      (5) the measured numerical display area

      (6) battery tips

      (7) mu m: unused

      Mil (8) : English unit (1 mil = 0.0254 mm)

      C. (9) : enter the calibration status

      (10) mm: metric units (1 mm = 39.4 mil)

      2, part name, part name (figure 2)


      A. CD display

      B. "MODE" button: measuring the MODE conversion and calibration status increase keys

      C. "UNIT" button: reduce the key UNIT of measure conversion button and calibration status

      D: "ZERO" button: switch machine, ZERO calibration and backlight control keys

      E. test probe

      F. the battery door


      1) coating thickness gauge does not distinguish between iron matrix and the iron substrate;

      2) GM200 non-metallic coating coating thickness gauge can measure;

      3) before the measurement, should remove any attached on the surface of a material, such as dust, grease and corrosion, but do not remove any covering layer material;

      4) surface roughness affects the measurement results, so the similar matrix to the roughness of the coated metal plating parts in seveRAL places on proofreading thickness meter zero;Or with no corrosion to the matrix metal solvent dissolved out after coating, and proofreading of zero;

      The curvature of the measured a 5) affect measurement, reduce significantly increasing of the radius of curvature;

      6) coating thickness gauge sensitivity to the abrupt change of specimen surface shape, so try not to close to the measured within the edge or corner is measured;

      7)GM200 coating thickness gaugeOr unused for a long time for the first time, every time or replace the metal base material require basic calibration;

      8) calibration of metal base piece minimum diameter must be in more than 50 mm;

      9) metal basement minimum thickness not less than 0.5 mm;

      After 10) machines on display an error code when using automatic shutdown, it belongs to the normal situation, as long as the basic calibration is ok

      Technical parameter

      Measuring range0~1.80mm/0~71.0mil
      The resolution of the0.01mm/1mil
      Measurement error±0.03mm
      Minimum diameter of the basement50mm
      The minimum thickness of the basement0.5mm
      The power supply2 x1. 5 v AAA batteries
      Working temperature range0 ~ 40 ℃
      Working humidity range10-95%RH
      Overall dimensions65x31x108mm
      Weight 63.98 g (including battery)

      Packing list

      Name Model packaging list
      Thickness Gauge GM200 Thickness Gauge x1, Warranty cards x1, batteries x2, instructions x1, Calibration blocks x2


      Name Model Warranty Remark
      Thickness Gauge GM200 365 days

      One-year warranty, Product with a warranty card.

      Damage caused by improper use ,manufacturers do not promise free warranty.

      There are two ways to maintain equipment: send back to the manufacturer or Contact our service.

      Send party bear the freight.

      Customer reviews

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      BENETECH GM200 Coating Thickness Gauge
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