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      RK KHC.20/21 Coating Table

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      Technical Parameters

      Modelproduct description
      KHC.20KHC small Coating Table 11 x 18 cm
      KHC.21KHC big Coating Table 24 x 34 cm


      RK Coating Table consists of a clip, a rigid board and a layer of polyester foam / rubber cushion components. Compared with proofing directly on rigid substrates, RK imprint in bed with better repeatability and proofing proofing effect. This is the pressure due to the soft foam / rubber gasket can be absorbed to some extent, the operator applied proofing, proofing so that better.


      For research, testing and quality control, for use in the detection inks, coatings, adhesives and various emulsions in. Substrates RK exhibition color bars include paper, cardboard, plastic films, metal foils and the like.


      1. First prepare the appropriate size substrates for proofing use.

      RK companies can offer two for proofing purposes proofing paper (500 a packaging, proofing paper coated with varnish half, the other half is not painted lacquer)

      ■ for small Coating Table specifications for the 12 × 21cm

      ■ for large Coating Table specifications for the 18 × 31cm

      2. The release substrate with embossed bed, with pinching.

      3. Select the appropriate type of coating stick (see related information), imprint on the bed, near where the clip.

      4. For proofing paint or varnish placed close to where the clip at the bottom of the coating stick about 1cm. (The amount of your own master)

      5. Using both hands, both ends of the stick coating, at a constant speed and pressure of the pull bar to the operator's own direction, please note that during operation Do not rotate the bar.

      6. After proofing, the coating stick into a suitable solvent to clean the inside with a cloth. Please note that should make bars keep in a dry state

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      Technical parameter

      Modelproduct description
      KHC.20KHC small Coating Table 11 x 18 cm
      KHC.21KHC big Coating Table 24 x 34 cm

      Packing list

      Name Model packaging list
      Coating Table KHC.20 Coating Table x1
      Coating Table KHC.21 Coating Table x1


      Name Model Warranty Remark
      Coating Table KHC.20 -
      Coating Table KHC.21 -

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      NAME:RK KHC.20/21 Coating Table

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      RK KHC.20/21 Coating Table
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