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      OSP L230 Wire Brush

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      OSP L230 钢丝刷实拍图

      OSP L230 钢丝刷细节图

      OSP L230 钢丝刷规格

      OSP L230 钢丝刷外包装

      Technical Parameters

      Name: wire brush

      Diameter: 0.04mm

      Application: cleaning anilox

      OveRALl Length: 230mm

      Effective wire section: 80mm

      Wire length: 12mm

      Anilox wire brush main application

      Wire brush for cleaning anilox roller, anilox cleaning machines for the production, laboratory coating roller cleaning. Anilox roller cleaning with a wire brush effect is remaRKable, and not to hurt instrument

      OSP L230钢丝刷应用

      Wire brush wire diameter deep gap coating bar so that cleaning cleaner!

      OSP L230 钢丝刷优点

      Anilox wire brush main features:

      1. the current market sales of stainless steel brush (anilox wire brush), brush copper wire diameter of the smallest of 0.07mm, this anilox wire brush wire diameter is only 0. 04mm, the world's first! Because the fine, it can be cleaned more thoroughly.

      2. Because the wire diameter of only 0.04mm, so super soft bristle clean without damage to the roller surface.

      3. The anilox wire brush is produced in Japan. Each one is handmade by craftsmen with many years of experience in the production.


      Material: high quality stainless steel wire diameter 0.04mm

      * Identification Picture for reference only

      Methods of use

      1) After the shutdown, first with water to wash the surface of the anilox ink.

          2) The cleaning solution directly applied to the surface of the anilox roll evenly, wait ten minutes, then scrub brush in a circular motion with the anilox roll 3-5 minutes anilox wire, during the cleaning fluid will produce some foam, scrub End after the surface of the anilox roll so that the bubble residence 3-5 minutes.

          3) Finally, rinse off the cleaning solution. Note To clean, do not clean the residual liquid in the anilox roll surface.

          4) If the anilox roll clogging serious: the cleaning solution may be appropriate to extend the residence time and the brushing time, or repeat the above steps.

      Technical parameter

      nameWire brush
      Be applicableAnilox roller cleaning
      Overall Length230mm
      Wire partially effective80mm
      Wire length12mm

      Packing list

      Name Model packaging list
      Wire brush L230 Wire brush x1、Tinx1


      Name Model Warranty Remark
      Wire brush L230 -

      The product is not easily damaged goods. If not product quality problems within 7 days after the customer receives the goods, there is no warranty period. Quality problems after receives the goods,customer need to send photographs to our Mall customer service, free replacement after the confirmation question.

      Customer reviews

      • Product quality 5.0
      • Sale price 5.0
      • Service quality 5.0
      • Delivery experience 5.0

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      NAME:OSP L230 Wire Brush

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      OSP L230 Wire Brush
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