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      YuePing NDJ-5 Tu-4 Viscosity Cup

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      NDJ-5 viscometer use

      Viscometer NDJ-5 is mainly used to determine the kinematic viscosity of Newtonian or near-Newtonian fluid coating can also be done comparing the measured use as needed. Is a portable viscometer Tu four, easy to use, stable performance, flow cup and spout are made of corrosion resistant material.

      NDJ-5 viscometer Principle

      Viscosity viscometer NDJ-5 is the viscosity conditions, that is a certain amount of the sample at a constant temperature from the predetermined aperture holes out of the time, expressed in seconds. The following formula can be converted with the sample flow time in seconds (S) to the value of the kinematic viscosity (mm2 / s).


      t —— Efflux time(s) ,γ—— Kinematic viscosity(mm2/s)

      Technical characteristics

      1.NDJ-5 viscometer made of stainless steel capacity of about 100 ml, its geometry and wall roughness comply "GB / T1723 paint viscosity measurement method", which is the bottom of the hole for the outflow of stainless steel.

      2. The correction factor K: will be corrected viscometer viscosity, multiplied by the value of K, that is, the condition of the viscometer. Correction coefficient K should be within the range of 1 ± 0.03, otherwise the viscometer should be replaced. Viscometer frequency level should use their regular calibration.

      3. Known kinematic viscosity of the standard viscosity fluid from the outflow viscometer NDJ-5 difference between the value of the computer time measurement shall be within ± 3% of the calculated value.

      Installation method

      1. Place the flow cup placed in a circle in the arm.

      2. viscometer can adjust the stand has a horizontal platform and cross structure, the cross arm with a circular cross-blisters, adjust the horizontal bolt causes blisters platform centered so far.


      1. application or measurement before the measurement gauze dipped in a solution viscometer wipe clean, dry or cold dry air, it does not allow residual liquid adhering to the cup or out of the hole. Should the inner wall and out of the hole cup to keep clean, light was observed to maintain the original finish.

      2. The test shall be 25 ± 1 ℃ constant temperature chamber was adjusted to maintain water stent platformLevel position.

      3. Stir the test solution, and filtered after less than 567 cells / cm mesh is maintained at a temperature of 25 ± 1 ℃.

      4. The test solution injection viscosity agent, with a finger to block the outflow hole (stopper if corrosive liquid glass), the measured liquid slowly into the cup until the liquid level on the edge of the cup protrudes, if bubbles, the bubbles rise to the surface to be pushed along the edge of a flat with a clean flat glass division to the protruding surface and bubbles, so that the measured liquid level and flow is on a horizontal plane at the edge.

      5. Release your finger (or push the stopper), the test solution vertical outflow, with Holds Cup undertake, at the same time start the stopwatch, the test solution flows into the line, stopping the stopwatch off when the measured time, which represents its viscosity, seconds.

      6. The second paRALlel test, the error does not exceed 3% of the average.

      7. The first approach each application to be cleaned after use.

      Technical parameter

      Measurement time30s≤t≤100s
      Flow cup capacity100ml
      Ambient temperature range25±1℃
      Tolerance scope±3%

      Packing list

      Name Model packaging list
      Tu-4 Viscosity Cup NDJ-5 bracket x1, Flow cup x1, Drip Cup x1, Instructions x1, Certificate x1


      Name Model Warranty Remark
      Tu-4 Viscosity Cup NDJ-5 -

      1.One-year warranty.

      2.Customer bear the freight.

      3.Damage caused by customer’s improper use or the logistics is not covered under free warranty.

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      • Product quality 5.0
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      YuePing NDJ-5 Tu-4 Viscosity Cup
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