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      Leneta 8A/8B/8K/9A Spreading Rate Charts(diagonally striped patterns)

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      Leneta Checkerboard Charts seven advantages








      Technical Parameters

      Modelspecification(mm)colorQuantity of each boxStandardsMaterialApplication
      Form 8A140 x 254 Black and white stripes250
      Overprint varnishesPaint and ink
      Form 8B194 x 289 Black and white stripes250
      Form 8K219x285Black and white stripes250
      Form 9A140 x 254(5-1/2 x 10inch)Upper 1/2 black and white stripes, black middle 1/4, lower 1/4 white250ASTM

      Jams and paint opacity selection processes related

      Various paint formulations. Jam requires different test solvent resistance, stronger or weaker. Different types of resin to be ill-chosen solvent. Polar solvent determines its organic ingredients can be activated more into less. To solve this problem, we offer two types of tests jams

      Solve the problem of poor paint hiding

      Through the film you can see the color of the lower surface of the paint hiding this situation often occurs in poor areas difficult to paint, such as body skid plate or sharp corners.

      1. The difference between the paint hiding reason

      The thickness of the paint layer is not enough, poor paint hiding. The reason is:

      a) improper spraying.

      b) the lighting conditions are poor, the woRKing space is narrow, inaccessible painted surfaces.

      c) mixing paint uneven.

      d) Due to grinding, polishing over, reducing the thickness of the paint layer.

      2. How to prevent paint and other coatings hiding poor

      a) Use the correct spray methods to ensure proper film thickness, smooth evenly.

      b) spray booth space to the right, better lighting conditions, paying particular attention to the inaccessible region coating quality while spraying.

      c) To paint thoroughly mixed.

      d) prohibiting excessive polishing of the film. Pay particular attention to corners area.

      3. hiding paint repair method

      Polished defect area level, then repainted.

      Opacity measurement

      Basic considerations architectuRAL paint sales are hiding power and yield, measured paint hiding power that is needed for a complete coating applied many coats? How much paint bucket needs

      Opacity is a measure of the ability to cover.

      Hiding power, also called cover ratio (%) = Y black / Y white * 100 (%)

      Cover rate of 100% is completely covered, that there is no difference between black and white film after region.

      USing steps

      1, according to the coating step uniformly coated paint hiding test paper, paint and other coatings.

      2, etc. After the coating was air dried fully, use of objective evaluation instrument.

      3, opacity values can be obtained within one second measurement and automatically displayed.

      Paint hiding test paper is not limited to the determination of hiding paint and other coatings, hiding power corresponding test methods can also be used in the cover of the transparent plastic film and product testing.

      LENETA charts main type

      Opacity test piece: the use of large tracts of black and white coat hiding power test

      Penopac test piece: penetration and opacity tests conducted simultaneously within a table

      Display chip: use the secondary display diagonal pattern coating hiding power

      Opacity display sheet: Combined large black, large white and twill pattern

      Spreading Rate: more than other cards, for measuring coating applied rate


      8A遮盖力纸.jpg 8B.jpg 8K.jpg 9A遮盖力纸.png

                                                             8A                            8B                              8K                          9A

      Related hiding paper [sold separately]

      coating rods

      coating rods is use to provide an economical and convenient way to prepare a uniform coating film degree

      Simple to use, easy to clean

      When applied firmly fixed jams

      It helps to get uniform results

      Flow Test hanging advection

      LENETA leveling test (see ASTM D 4062)

      A. Equipment

      1.Leneta leveling device, part number LTB-2;

      2. Flow coating roughness standards, product number LS-2;

      3. leveling test coated plate, product number DP-2;

      4. scratch-like paper Form WB, light-colored paint; Form 7B scraping samples of paper for dark paint;

      5. The pad of paper, Form CP-2

      6. Pre-shearing equipment, see catalog page 36;

      B. paint preparation

      1. Fully stirring, the temperature was adjusted to 23 ° C (73 ° F);

      2. If necessary filtering and adjust the viscosity;

      3. The method of using the pre-cut (the attached Pre-Shear Method) described in one of the pre-cut, must then be tested immediately.

      C. Painting

      1. pad of paper placed on the coated board.

      2. The kind of scratch paper against the left edge guide coated panel is placed.

      3. leveling device on top of the jam location, it's close to the long arm of the left leading edge and toward the operator.

      4. Take 8-10 ml of pre-cut good leveling coating placed front-end to about 60 cm / s (2 ft / sec) speed rapid and uniform coating.

      5. At 23 ° C (73 ° F), the holding level to dryness.

      D. rating

      1. After drying, cut out a 3x5 inch (75 x 125 mm) of the size of the cardboard, striped with long sides parallel.

      2. Suitable oblique light of the flatness of the stream with the standard board coated Leneta contrast.

      3. The matching criteria is the number of coated Leneta leveling value. The rating is the highest level 10, the lowest level is 0.

      The actual meaning of the rating value of E.

      This is based on a subjective judgment. The following table is derived from the consensus conclusion of an experienced laboratory collective:

      Leneta leveling test (see ASTM D 4062)

      Leneta anti-sag test method (see ASTM D4400)

      A. Instruments

      1. 2. adjustable anti-sagging straight edge device, part number SE-1 3. coated with a standard board, part number DP-1 4. coated with a scratch-like paper Form 7B, light-colored paint. White scratch paper Form WB-like coatings for dark colors. 5. The pad of paper, part number CP-1 6. with anti-sagging bottom range of equipment is pre-cut, flat glass surface better.

      B. paint preparation

      1. The uniform mixing, the temperature was adjusted to 23 ° C (73.5 ° F) 2. The method of using the pre-cut (the attached Pre-Shear Method) described in one of the pre-cut, must then be tested immediately.

      C. Painting

      1. Place the straight edge is coated with a proper position in the standard plate. 2. Place the test sample scratch paper coated plate and clamped. 3. sagging scraping device placed near the sample paper clip where sagging is open facing the operator and its shoulders against the straight edge device. Place pad of paper. 4. Place the appropriate amount of the forward edge (8-10 mL) of pre-cut good paint, then uniform rate of approximately 6 inches / sec (150 mm / sec) was applied. 5. fast and stable it will be placed vertically, so that the same stripe as the rising level of the ladder, on the left (the thinnest stripe) on it, and let it dry while maintaining this state.

      D. Coating rating

      1. The coated striped grooves and anti-sagging on the correspondence up. 2. Ignore the front portion and the trailing edge portion, as long as the observed fringes central 150 mm (5-1 / 2 inches) can be equivalent to the black area Form 7B. 3. There is no access to the following piece of striped lowest (thickest) That piece striped stripes as a symbol, and it corresponds to the number of grooves is to paint anti-sagging index. 4. To get a more accurate anti-sag index, we need to add to the number of grooves gap between incremental and non-integration coefficient values (it is integrated into the following stripe coefficient).

      Non-integration coefficient can be estimated according to the following table:

      The degree of integrationNon-integration coefficient
      Usually close0.25
      Less than general0.50
      More than general0.75

      E. Ratings Definitions

              This is based on experience or experiment and have a strong subjective. It must be emphasized that the anti-sagging index is not wet film thickness value. It is represented mils gap indication of the recess, thus, indicating stripe is about twice the thickness of wet film. Sag indices and their corresponding approximate wet film thickness should not be understood as the practice of a specific thickness. It is a comparison tool based on practical experience it only in order to obtain tangible results. Once the paint in actual use reflects good sag resistance, sag index can be measured and thus realize the value of specific formulations sag control.

              Anti-sagging index between different products may not be the same. For example, paint usually has a higher index value than solvent-based paints. Below about sagging performance judgment is based on a common set of high-gloss alkyd paint from observation, and solely for informational purposes. Do not use it as a final conclusion.

      Anti-sagging index

      Sag resistance


      Very Poor(very poor)
      Very Good(very good)
      Excellent (excellence)

      Covering the exponent standard anti-sagging of range of a paint need to be tested but much lower or higher the index value. This gives rise to three other low, medium and high index range anti-sagging control. Such measurements sag index would be extended to the 1 to 60.

      Technical parameter

      Modelspecification(mm)colorQuantity of each boxStandardsMaterialApplication
      Form 8A140 x 254 Black and white stripes250
      Overprint varnishesPaint and ink
      Form 8B194 x 289 Black and white stripes250
      Form 8K219x285Black and white stripes250
      Form 9A140 x 254(5-1/2 x 10inch)Upper 1/2 black and white stripes, black middle 1/4, lower 1/4 white250ASTM

      Packing list

      Name Model packaging list
      遮盖力纸 Form 8A 外包装盒x1、遮盖力纸x250
      遮盖力纸 Form 8B 外包装盒x1、遮盖力纸x250
      遮盖力纸 Form 8K 外包装盒x1、遮盖力纸x250
      遮盖力纸 Form 9A 外包装盒x1、遮盖力纸x250


      Name Model Warranty Remark
      遮盖力纸 Form 8A -
      遮盖力纸 Form 8B -
      遮盖力纸 Form 8K -
      遮盖力纸 Form 9A -

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      NAME:Leneta 8A/8B/8K/9A Spreading Rate Charts(diagonally striped patterns)

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      Leneta 8A/8B/8K/9A Spreading Rate Charts(diagonally striped patterns)
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